Campbell’s Wild Album Review

Campbell’s Wild are definitely an unsigned band that fans of rock and indie will want to sink their teeth into. The 4-piece band, consisting of members Fraser Jamieson, Keir Jamieson, Calum Haig and Steven Turner, are ready to release their EP Spinning Circles, which I’ve had the privilege to listen to beforehand.

The first two bands that came to my mind when listening to this EP were instantly Twin Atlantic and Biffy Clyro. Campbell’s Wild, from Edinburgh, Scotland have the cheerful melody to compliment the clear Scottish accent that you hear, which seems to be a very positive thing in the music industry. A Scottish singing accent you say? I’m in!

The vocals are crisp, clear and calming, along with infectious guitar melodies, beautiful bass lines and head nodding drum beats, this band have a sense of uniqueness that will get them very far. This is also a band that will bring Scottish indie into the limelight.

Each song on the EP has a very different emotion conveyed in it, with raw songs like Halfway Home contrasting with the upbeat and fast-paced Eyes Wide Open, which instantly grips you into the band’s sound as the introductory song. The last song on the EP that it is named after, Spinning Circles, is a powerful and passionate number from the band which ends on a high, as if they’re saying that this is just the beginning. One of my favourite things about this album is that the songs all blend in with each other, like it’s one long story or journey. Balloons has a strong vocal lead, like the other songs but this one particularly stands out to me. Whether the vocals are loud or calming, there’s definitely a lot of emotion and passion that has been poured into this EP. Headlights is especially good for the drumbeats, it’s definitely one that you can get stuck in your head for hours. Campbell’s Wild are a band that will not get out of your head until you’ve listened to their music at least 4 times. (This isn’t me admitting to doing that… okay maybe it is.)

There is a strong sound of Biffy Clyro in this band but they have managed to incorporate it into their own sound. They’re definitely not short of talent and potential that is clear that they can show which is demonstrated in this EP.

Campbell’s Wild new EP, Spinning Circles is released on the 29th February.

You can find Campbell’s Wild on social media below:

Pre-order Spinning Circles now, and get a free download of Balloons:


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