House of Night Series Review

House of Night is an American book series written by P.C. Cast and her daughter Kristin Cast. The series consists of 12 books, 4 novellas and the Fledgling Handbook, which is a book that Fledglings use throughout the series. The entire book series follows the journey of Zoey Redbird from being ‘Marked’ ready to grow and Change into a vampyre. Along the way she encounters a mysterious woman called Neferet and an enchanting creature called Kalona.

I started reading this series when I picked up Betrayed from my local library, unaware there was a previous book. This was years ago and I was about 14 or 15. This book series has been with me ever since, and I’ve grown to have it as part of my life. Although these books can be considered immature for someone who is now 19 and almost 20, I have still thoroughly enjoyed the story and have grown attached to the characters within. I’d say it had the same effect on my as Harry Potter did as films because as I grow the books are released. Because vampire novels were a big thing in 2010, with the hype of Twilight at it’s peak and the release of Vampire Academy along with The Vampire Diaries starting up, this was perfect timing to start reading these novels.

The story is engaging, with a lot of plot twists, action and some horrible deaths. P.C. and Kristin Cast are like the George R R Martin’s of teenage vampire romance novels. You get attached to one character and in the next book they’re dead; just like that. You learn to love some characters when before you hated them, and the character development allows you to develop feelings for these characters throughout the novels. The plot twists in these books are my favourite element to the stories, because when encountering one it made me have to put down the book and let it sink in. Up until Tempted, the series is from Zoey’s point of view. After that, we delve deep into the minds of other characters, such as Stevie Rae, Stark and Heath. This could be considered too confusing but I enjoyed the difference of viewpoint because it made the story more complex.

I’d love for these books to be made into films, especially when there are movies being funded that wouldn’t be as good. There was talk about them being made into movies, but I would like to hopefully at some point in my life, turn them into movies myself. Everyone is into creating a dream cast but this is something I’m really passionate about.

These books are ones that I will never sell or get rid of, and when I have some more spare time after catching up with all the other gazillion books I have, I will reread these and put myself through the same emotional trauma as I did when I was 15. If you’re into teenage romance novels, this book series needs to be on your to-do list.


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