We Are Satellites Album Review

It’s been quite a while since a band’s album has made me quite emotional. It’s clear that these lads are not short of talent, and this is just the beginning of something huge.

We Are Satellites are a rock band formed in Edinburgh in 2015, consisting of band members Rob Walker, Dan Morrison, Michael Davison, Lee Donnelly and Keir Jameson. From personally knowing three of the five band members, I have experienced the talent that radiates from their souls. This new album, released on the 18 January 2016, is just a glimpse of what this band can become.

It is very rare these days to find a band that pour their emotions and talents directly into their songs, but if you’re after that, Transmissions is definitely an album you need to whack on repeat. It’s not just the catchy tunes that can get stuck in your head for hours, but the meanings behind the songs. One of my favourite things about many albums are interludes and instrumental pieces throughout the album. There are three in this album, and they seem to emanate an emotion to the listener to interpret for their own.

Each track is unique in it’s own, Shades being my personal favourite because of the catchy introduction and chorus which stands out to me. But of course this isn’t just about the lyrics. The melodies from the guitars, the bass-line and drumming all stands out in each song like their own unique sound, showing that this isn’t just individual, this is the emotions and hard work of an entire team. Reflections is particularly catchy, along with very emotional lyrics mixing together to make a beautiful song. Waves has a very calming beginning to it, with a gradual introduction of other instruments that’s the type of song you listen to in the summer sat on a beach at sunset with a loved one. Electric Blue has a very strong bass-line that’s very smooth and melodic followed by a powerful chorus. Soldier, which is the first single released with a music video is a very strong and motivating song with an infectious chorus that you’ll be humming along to after listening. The songs are very different to one another but have a similar unique style.

Overall, Transmissions is an extremely strong release from We Are Satellites, and they have a lot more to offer. This album is the type of music that a lot of bands should pay attention to. As an avid supporter of past bands these guys have been in, I will support them for as long as I can.

If you want to check out We Are Satellites, there are links below to their social media:

You can purchase and listen to Transmissions here:


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