You’re Worth More Than You Realise

I am currently writing this post sat on my boyfriends bed while he plays video games and also after having a little heart-to-heart with my best friend.

Over the past two years, I’ve grown to become such a different person that who I once was, both for the bad and for the good. This post is just a little motivation for you, yes you reading it right now, that if you set your mind to it, you CAN do it. Cheesy, I know, but after all it’s true.

Two years ago I’d just finished my A Level exams, and by that time I was relieved; not just because they were over, but because I knew that the months of stress, breakdowns and emotional trauma were over. That may or may not to you be exaggerating, but I was so brought down by A Levels that I was close to doing something that I’d probably now regret. However, after not getting good grades in my exams (BDD in Media, Law and Applied Sciences respectively), I decided that I shouldn’t let my college years run away and end up as badly as I thought they could be. So I decided to go back.

GO BACK? You’re mad. Yep. I looked through my college’s prospectus and, under the assumption that I could only receive free education for an extra year, I almost decided to take a photography course. When I went into the college to decide what I was doing, they told me that I could enrol on a diploma course that was two years because I’d already applied for the course before I was 19. And so, I became a BTEC Media Production student for two years. Here’s some advice that I learned along the way:

Once you’re in a routine, everything falls into place:

Back in A Levels (ew), I would always leave homework or exam revision to the last minute. I did that in school. I breezed my GCSE’s with barely any revision at all, but A Level’s are entirely different. Starting on my new media course, I told myself that I need to do any assignments that I was given the first night that I was handed them. Or relatively close to that. DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE. I plead that you don’t do this. You will feel so much more emotionally better after doing work the day it’s handed to you, than you will at 3am the morning of the deadline. I know it’s a hard routine to get into, but once you’ve done it for a month or so, it becomes natural. (Also, you get satisfaction from watching everyone else panic the night before).

 Your independence is key:

Of course some projects aren’t just for one person, but remember that it’s YOU that is getting through daily struggles, and it’s YOU that only truly knows yourself. When you go to uni, the only person you can rely on is yourself. My mum spoon fed me for most of my life, up until now actually, and although she let me experience freedom like normal, she still did washing and cooking and cleaning (thanks mum luv u long time). I’m almost at the end of spending a week with my boyfriend, and I’ve done all of the cooking. Usually it would be my mum doing that but I’ve realised that I have to be the one taking charge. Learn to cook, learn to fix shelves, learn to understand cars, learn to do something that’ll help build your independence.

It really doesn’t matter what other people think:

I used to be the type of person that cared about what everyone had to say about me. With my dry, sarcastic and negative sense of humour, that obviously didn’t go down well. However, the people that don’t mind are the ones worth keeping as friends. I met two during my college course, they’re now my closest friends. Em (who runs this blog with me) and Annie. I guess I still kinda care what people think about me, after all, my reputation and how liked I am may help me in my career. Throughout my college course, most of the grading was how well you worked as an individual. This helped my personal development, and understanding that the only person that I need to worry about is myself. This isn’t me saying ‘every man for himself’ but sometimes you have to realise that you’re the most important, and if you have to make a decision that could jeopardise your wellbeing or safety, think twice.

Big steps, big future:

This is the most important thing for me. Two years ago after getting my A Level results I thought ‘nope, I’m not gonna go to uni, I’ll just make up for it in work experience and go full time in my current job and become loaded’. No, it doesn’t work like that. I had that in my mind the summer after finishing my exams. So now, two years on, I’ve just finished my two-year media course and come out with D*D*D* (aka the highest grade possible), I’ve quit my job, and in September, I’ll be heading to uni to study Film. Take those steps to become a better person, and you’ll feel much happier about it. If you’re scared, realise that in life you should take these big steps, and it could lead you anywhere.

Do what makes yourself happy:

Cheesy? Yes. Using that as an excuse not to take the advice seriously? No. If you have to make a choice between making yourself happy or putting yourself through pain just for the benefit of someone or something else, think again. My job didn’t make me happy anymore, but I chose to stay in it for a lot longer because I needed the money. After speaking to my mum about the situation, she understood and a couple of weeks ago I finally quit. I realised then that I had to do things that made me happy, not just making other people happy and suffering in the long run. If you make the decisions that are right in your own opinion, you may really and truly feel happier.


6 Motivational Songs to Inspire You

As a teenager, it is increasingly difficult to find positivity when you’re juggling home life, college/university life, relationships and friendships. Many people suggest that music makes all the difference in our teenage years, and if that’s what inspires you to continue day to day, I’ve made a little playlist of positive songs and uplifting rhythms to help lift your spirits.

You Are Unstoppable by Conchita Wurst

After winning in the 2014 Eurovision and known as ‘The Bearded Lady’, Conchita certainly hasn’t fallen short of making a difference. Otherwise known as Tom Neuwirth, Conchita originates from Austria. Because drag acts are considered a ‘taboo’, although becoming more of a norm in 2016, Conchita has been through her fair share of targeting and bullying. The song was written about fighting against discrimination, and she dedicated it to all her fans going through hard times and for being fighters. Conchita is definitely an inspiration, representing all the people out there going through similar situations, and I came across the song after watching some of her interviews and other music videos. This song is very powerful with meaningful lyrics to make an impression. 

“Sometimes you just gotta leap, yeah, jump out and just feel the breeze, yeah, you’re stronger than you believe.”

If you’re ever feeling down and like you can’t carry on the struggle, listening to this song is definitely going to lift your spirits. Along with the harmonic orchestral music and beautiful singing voice, you have a sudden feeling of inspiration and positivity. The meaning behind the song isn’t very specific, making it easier for us as an audience to interpret the lyrics into our own situation. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to a song and thought that I could do something instead of thinking I couldn’t.

The Nights – Avicii

Avicii is a Swedish singular music producer and artist. A lot of his work is very popular because of the catchy tunes that are usually played in nightclubs. His work has also featured on many television adverts and in movies. I have this thing (and I don’t know if other people do too), where certain songs have the particular sound that need to be played at nighttime or in the evening. This is one of those songs.

 “He said, “one day you’ll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember.”

The Nights is a very catchy and well-known songs, with inspirational lyrics. Playing this when it’s sunny or during summer lifts my mood and makes me very happy. I also have to restrain myself from singing if a driver in a car next to me is looking at me weird. The music video also fits very well with the songs, and motivates me to make the best of the day. It may seem like a very generic ‘live every day as if it’s your last’, but this song really inspires this and makes me cheerful.


City of Angels – 30 Seconds to Mars

City of Angels is another one of those songs that needs to be listened to during the evening, please don’t judge me when I say that if you don’t understand what I mean. 30 Seconds to Mars have that distinctive sound that no matter what their song, you will recognize it within 5 seconds. Jared Leto, the lead singer of the band said this about the song “the song is about people coming to the City of Angels to live their dreams and to make their dreams their reality. It’s about how the other people they’ve met in the city have helped them—you know, a group of people all kind of joining together into a community of outsiders, of mavericks, of freaks, of artists. It’s about coming to a place to do something different and something special”.

“Lost in the city of angels, down in the comfort of strangers, I found myself in the fire burned hills, in the land of a billion lights.”

The song really motivates me to achieve my dreams, just like the song is meant to do. Jared Leto has a very husky yet calming tone to his voice, as if he’s trying to influence you to achieve your dreams. The song builds up, like it should be my theme throughout my life when I finally become the person I want to be and have found myself.

I’m Good – The Mowgli’s

This song is definitely a feel good piece of music to listen to throughout summer, or if you’re just chilling in your back garden soaking up the sun. I first heard this song on the Facebook page Doug the Pug, as the song featured in one of the videos (no judging… AGAIN). The song made me happy so I researched to find the song. The band The Mowgli’s produce a lot of feel-good songs that I’ve listened to, and they seem a fun-loving band too. The Mowgli’s are an alternative rock band from California.

“Trying to figure out who I am, or who I’m supposed to be, feel good about where I stand, so I can make the most of me”

This song is more of a song to listen to when you’re already happy, but it definitely increases my mood when I listen to it, especially if I know I’m going to have a stressful day. It reminds me of making sure to stay positive and you can get through anything you need to.

Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

Yes, this song is cheesy. But it’s definitely a positive song to listen to. The song to me means that you need to let life drive you the way you will go, instead of forcing yourself to go down a certain path. It motivates me to just to do what my gut feeling is saying. It also represents individuality and that you you need to keep yourself open to new opportunities and every day can be a new beginning.

“No one else, no one else, can speak the words on your lips, drench yourself in words unspoken, live your life with arms wide open, today is where your book begins”

I miss pop songs like this that promotes positivity, when it would be this song I’d hear on the radio in the morning before school and I’d go in happy and ready for the day. This is possibly one of my favourite inspirational songs that there is out there.

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself – Jess Glynne

I recently discovered Jess Glynne after watching the Brit Awards this year. I’d heard her music but not really paid much attention before. I thought this song was very catchy, but also the words meant a lot to me. Like the music video, it promotes self confidence and not to give up on your dreams and intentions. Her unique voice also soothes the song to a catchy, uplifting and happy song. The song progresses from how she used to be before she realized she was being too hard on herself. The song speaks to me personally, as if Jess is giving me advice to not give myself a hard time because my dreams are possible if I put the time and effort in.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself, no, learn to forgive, learn to let go, everyone trips, everyone falls, so don’t be so hard on yourself, no”

So those are my 6 inspirational songs that cheer me up when I feel sad or motivates me to become a better person and achieve my dreams.

7 Facts of Being in a Long Distance Relationship

I’ve been in a relationship now for 14 months, and it’s a long distance relationship. I met my boyfriend online and he’s honestly the best thing to happen to me. But it comes at a price. These next facts are ones you should consider if you’re thinking about going into a long distance relationship or you’re already in one and feel a bit lost.

Time is precious.

In the 14 months I’ve been dating my boyfriend, we’ve spent time together 8 times (or something like that I’ve lost track). Cherish these moments, but remember to enjoy yourself and although the time will come when you have to go home, just remember that time will not separate anyone, as cheesy as that sounds. Don’t spend this time with your loved one thinking about when you’re going home though, I learned this the first couple of months. Whether it’s for a week or a few days, spend this time appreciating each other and doing the things that you wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to do.

Goodbyes are difficult.

Trying not to cry as I wave goodbye at the train station every time becomes increasingly difficult, especially the longer it goes on because you become more attached to that person so you have stronger feelings. If you have to spend a couple of days being sad about, it’s your choice entirely. Don’t let others tell you to ‘get a grip’ when they may not know what you’re going through. But if you’re happy with that person, then maybe sometime in the future hopefully the only goodbye’s you’re going to have to say is when they go to work and you only have to wait 8 hours to see them again.

You will get extra clingy when you’re with them.

Relating back to the first point, you want to get those extra hugs and kisses in before your time ‘runs out’. It’s horrible thinking about the day you get separated again, but just think about the moment. You’re with the, you’re happy, that’s all you need to think about.

It will get better.

At first, you may think to yourself ‘what’s the point in being in an LDR’ because you rarely get to see your loved one and you can’t spontaneously go round to their house often. But the truth is it will get better. If the relationship is serious enough then you can start thinking about things like going on holiday together, moving in together, even getting married. The most important thing in a relationship is making good memories. You could be happier by going on a holiday with your other half for a couple of weeks than a couple that have been in a relationship for a couple of years and aren’t happy.

Being separate means you can adapt to being independent and in a relationship.

This is probably one of the biggest positives of being in an LDR. Being away from your loved one means that you can adapt to independence as well as juggling a relationship. Although you can’t call them up and go over or get cuddles whenever you want, this allows you to develop as a person and understand to value yourself just as much as you value your partner.

You will realise your trust in people will increase.

The biggest relationship strainer is trust. Being away from your partner makes some people paranoid that they may be cheating on you. But you are together for a reason and to trust someone so quickly is a positive trait that you need to value as a person, and that your partner should value too. If you trust each other, you both know the relationship will last longer and will be healthy. Distance doesn’t separate people who are meant to be, I’ve learned that through this.

When you see each other for the first time in a while, it’s a feeling you can’t describe.

You know that feeling that is almost indescribable? The one where the butterflies in your stomach are going crazy and it’s hard to breathe? The one where your heart skips a beat the second you see them for the first time in ages? That’s one of the best feelings. Being reunited with your loved one makes you realise that you can make this work, you both are the glue to a good, lasting relationship and you are the one that lives for the moment when you’re finally reunited. Cherish the time you have with your partner, and love them the way that you should love yourself.

I hope that helped you think deeply about what you want, and if it’s meant to be, it’ll work.