Portrait Photoshoot

A friend from my current course at university asked if somebody would help with some headshots, as she wanted them updating. I volunteered and tried my hand as doing some portrait photos, as this isn’t really something that I have been practicing.

Although it was super cold we found some pretty nice places to take some photos and I’m very happy with how they turned out. Big thank you to the star Tzeitel for allowing me to experiment and being super supportive and patient with me!


Red Arrows 2017

Today I went to the Weston Air Festival. This is an annual event that celebrates the armed forces and features a number of displays from many different kinds of aircrafts, especially the world-famous Red Arrows. Below are some of the best photos I took:

A close-up of the arrows as they arrive on the beach
They make their way over buildings


The Red Arrows are known for their colourful smoke trails in the sky


Plane formation


Trial Nature Photos

Here’s just a few photos of going out into my garden and taking a few trial runs. I’m still getting used to the camera and the lenses but the images have come out pretty nice so far!

Close-up of the hydrangeas on my front lawn
Probably the only intact arum lily on the whole bush
Rose in my front garden too. Increased the ISO to 200 to emphasise the colour.
Some more of the roses