My career goal is to join the media industry as a producer. Attached is a creative CV. Here is the portfolio of films that I have produced:


Red Sky

Type: Short Film

Genre: Thriller

This is my most recent production for the end of my first year at university. My group and I had to create a three minute film based on the theme of true or false. I was assigned as producer to this film, as I’d stated that was what my preference was. The film’s story revolves around main character Sam, who lives a mundane and repetitive life in an alternative reality that all people have their lives already set out in front of them. When Sam is stopped by a woman called Sarah, his perception of reality changes and he stops believing in what he is being told by society.


Walking Football

Type: Promotional Video

This was a client brief that I was asked to produce after completing the Curo project (see further below). I was asked to create a short video to document the Walking Football programme to motivate older men to lose weight and eat healthier. As well as producing this, I also collectively filmed and edited along with a friend to produce the final film. The vibe that I was going for was positive, uplifting and motivating for the audience by use of colourful shots and uplifting music.

4Life Martial Arts Promotional Video

Type: Promotional Video

This was another voluntary project that I produced, filmed and edited along with a friend. The purpose of this film was to promote the 4Life Martial Arts academy, describing how it has a positive impact and how karate can be beneficial for many people. This video was filmed in a day and eventually won the competition.


Type: Promotional Video/Documentary

Myself and the rest of the group that I worked with during this project were approached by our college tutor and asked if we would produce a film promoting the work of Curo. Curo is a housing organisation and offer care services too. Our film was to talk about what they do and how they help people across the West of England, including footage of interviews and meetings. The organisation was pleased with the result of the production I have a reference from them.



Type: Animation/Music Video

This was a stop-motion animation that I created for my college course of Media Production. We were asked to create a 30-45 second animation but I decided to make it longer. I worked alongside my mother in creating the set and the characters. Over 300 photos were taken in order for this animation to be created. The story was about a stickman who went about his daily life ignoring people in need. When the man’s life reverses he decides to help them out instead of walking past them. The colour change in the animation was to represent that helping people out will bring more colour and happiness in his life.

Million Mile Light

Type: Promotional Video/Client Brief

The Million Mile Light is a product that is that helps runners in the evenings which lights up upon movement. During my time in college, one of our units was to work with a client and ours was this product. Again, I was the producer for this product and we created 4 short teasers ideal for Facebook promos highlighting the features of the light and a longer one to put these features into one video.


Type: Music Video/Final Major Project

This video was the last production of my two years studying Media Production. I worked alongside a friend in which we co-edited the video. The story is about a girl reflecting on her childhood before she packs to leave for university. As this is what I was doing at the time, it was very sentimental and emotional during the production and post-production stages. This is one of my favourite productions alongside my Three Genres production (see 2014).


Type: Multicamera Production/Quiz Show

This was another production that I was producer for during my college studies. A friend and I won the competition for the top 3 multicamera ideas so Mediamind was our initial idea. The quiz show combines media knowledge and a Connect Four scenario. Every time a team member got a question right they could put a counter in the Connect Four board.


Young Volcanoes

Type: Music Video

This music video was created in my home town for another unit in my Media Production qualification. I was the producer for this production.


Type: Three Genres

Genre: Romance/Action/Thriller

This is a short film that I created with another person for college. Our challenge was to have three different genres while still connecting the story together or using a similar script in each section. We decided to take on the challenge of combining the genres in one film. Again I was producer and this was one of my favourite productions to take part in. This film’s storyline revolves around a couple having a romantic picnic by a windmill in a secluded area (Romance) until the female is killed by an attacker. The male pursues the attacker and engages in a fight with him but there is a gunshot and we don’t know who dies (Action). In the final scene, the male wakes up to a significantly darker version of where he was, indication that he was the one that was shot. His girlfriend comes back to haunt him in a ghostly and haunting scene (Thriller).


Type: Television Advert

I worked with another person on this to create a parody television advert for Skittles at college. The costumes were homemade. The advert had to be either 30 or 45 seconds long. I particularly enjoyed producing this because it was fun.

Freemasonry: A Discovery

Type: Documentary

This was one of the first films that I produced during my time studying at college. We were tasked with creating a documentary and I chose this subject because my grandfather is a Freemason and I wanted to do something unique that isn’t documented on a lot. Unfortunately it didn’t go as well as planned as I lost footage but it was a big learning curve for me as a producer and a filmmaker. The finished product was sent to several other Freemasons and they were very impressed with it.



Type: Short Film/Opening Sequence

Genre: Thriller/Horror

This was the first film that I ever produced when I was studying Media at A-Level. This period of time was what motivated me and made me decide to go into the media industry and pursue this subject field further. The short film was an opening sequence thriller about a group of friends who are picked off one by one by a killer who has a specific vendetta against the group of friends (hence the title).