This will primarily be for photographs that I’ll take. I just recently purchased a camera so the photos will most likely be amateur and can be improved but I would like to improve my skills as a photographer for both my career and as a hobby.

I’ll be taking photos of many different things so I’ve decided to categorise my photos into 4 different sections:

  • Events – this will mainly be for any events I attend which may be concerts or local events in my area.
  • Nature and Wildlife – this will probably be my most frequent section to upload with. It’s the most accessible element I could take photos of, even when I’m not out and about.
  • Portraits and People – this will feature photos of just the general public in landscape-style scenes, big crowds and portraits of family and friends.
  • Abstract – I’d like to get better at light photography, which is something that I discovered when studying photography during my college education. When I have free time I’ll put more effort into composing some abstract photos.

I’m just getting used to using a camera that is actually mine and framing some nice shots, so if anyone has any tips please don’t hesitate to contact me.

The camera that I use is the Canon EOS 1300D with the following lenses:


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